Finding My Way Right Back In | The Story Begins Here |
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Finding My Way Right Back In | The Story Begins Here

It’s been more than a month since I blogged. Work, family and many others forced themselves to be in the front seat. This past month has been a roller coaster ride of finding life goals, to umpteen emotions to finally facing it all. Life has changed as I know it and this is where the actual story begins. My intuition says so. 🙂 Here I am Finding My Way Back to what I set out to do. Get set. For The Story begins here. *grin*

Finding My Way Right Back In | The Story Begins Here

The Story Begins Here

‘Dear me, what is happening?’ asked the heart.

‘There isn’t much to say, but to wait and watch’ said the brain.

As they held hands together and embraced for impact.

A break of dawn. The fall of masks. Light peeped through.

The shackles broke away, the dreams emerged again.

‘Heroes are home. It’s time for the story to begin’ said the heart and brain in unison.

One of the very few moments, they actually thought the same huh? I giggled.

There isn’t a story that has only the good. Unless there’s some bad, how will the good shine along?

‘Why can’t I ever be happy for a long time?’ was the question that refused to go away.

Well, isn’t happiness in your hands? reminded the soul mate.

A choice you make, every now and then in life. To hold on, worry why, wonder why you or you let go.

Let go to focus only on your happiness and nothing else.

Afterall wasn’t it you, who said that all along?

Relationships are made and maintained, it never is an obligation.

Love and respect are earned, not entitled because of a relationship.

Only when you fall into the dark wounded, can the light enter you through the wound?

A wrinkle in time is sometimes all you need to get along. 🙂

The dreams shine bright with a smile to come true in the not so long future ahead.

The story begins here echoes in the world around.

Wondering what the F ? 🙂

This is a flow of words I let out, with no thoughts and with no intent to make sense. 🙂 So yaaa it sure is what the f? But the point is am back and there is much to do. Woohoo. 🙂

Are you ready for Omua again? 😉

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