Feminism and Feminist Are Not Dirty Words |
Feminism and Feminist Are Not Dirty Words
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Feminism and Feminist Are Not Dirty Words

It had to be said. It was long due. I have seen many people, men and women cringe away at the word ‘Feminism’. I wondered why? What is so wrong with the idea of ‘men and women being equal’? But the contorted faces, the smirk, even a snort at the time when there is talk about feminism or when someone declares they are a feminist, confused me. Feminism and Feminist are not dirty words, rather they are the need of the hour.

The Objectification of Feminism

During many conversations with friends and family, it so happened that when you start talking about, why certain work or roles are assigned based on gender, I have seen the cringe and the roll of their eyes(some men and women). It is more like, ‘Oh God! These feminist talks and arguments. Can’t they stop!’. At times, these conversations are turned into a joke, with ‘Here she starts again!’

It frustrates me, people don’t want to talk about it and neither want to let others talk about this ‘Elephant in the room’ . Why is feminism considered a joke and feminists as women who only argue and complain about everything? I wonder if, it’s the lack of understanding of the concept of feminism or the denial to see the need for change?Am asking more questions than having answers as to feminism and feminist are not dirty words, isn’t it?

I call it objectification because feminism is considered a joke or attributed to certain behaviors, than beliefs. The moment feminist is mentioned, it is assumed that she would most probably be dominating, demanding and argumentative. I wonder why’s that a bad thing? Never really is for a man to be all those right?

See, that’s why you need the change of thinking. What’s wrong to taking charge and speaking out, that what feminists do. Stand up and speak out. For equality.


Open up to Feminism – Take a deep breathe and listen

I guess it won’t be incorrect to blame the women who use feminism to get their way and are feminists only selectively. Considering people wait for just one reason to not want to make an effort or make sense of things, the fake feminists sure give fodder for them to make feminism a joke.

A sincere request, please start feeling and thinking feminism and feminist are not dirty words. They are actually good, for a healthy and happy society, where people have mutual respect. Respect that is not based on gender but, on the fact that they are another human being. Think about it, we live in the 21st century and yet feel men are superior to women. Everyone is just human. Having equal rights, respect and opportunities is the way things should be. It’s people like you and me, who can make this happen.

Men can be feminists too. Barrack Obama is. Justin Trudeau is. Look what change they made to build a community. They changed perspectives, viewpoints and showed what a world of change, feminism can do for a country and to the world.
So the next time, you hear these words, don’t cringe away, but sit down and listen. There could be something you learn and change, for the women in your life. It surely will change your life too!

Feminism and Feminist are not bad words.

Fight everday sexism, it’s also a step towards being a feminist.


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