I Am An Engineer and I Do Not Work in The Same Field |
I Am An Engineer and I Do Not Work in The Same Field
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I Am An Engineer and I Do Not Work in The Same Field

An Engineer! That’s who I am by my academics but in noway else. I become one, about 5 years back, for the reason it was the safest profession then, meaning you would invariably find a job no matter how bad you did. As long as you passed it I mean, of course ;). The worst approach I have ever taken to make a future decision and I shall not lie but accept I suffered through it.

I am an Engineer like millions others, but I don’t work in the same field like millions others too. But I love what I do now and do not regret it!

Pre Story – Good Student in School – First bencher ji πŸ˜‰

I was great at studies at school, like literally. I watched TV all day long, even while studying but yet managed to stand first in my class. I liked very few subjects, but the feeling of standing first in class and being given as an example to everyone else was the highpoint. That’s why I studied, to get good marks. I loved learning new things and reading books. The words, stories and knowing new things gave me the utmost happiness. But the main thing was always to do good at school, in studies I mean. πŸ˜‰

As I moved to study my pre-university, things changed. I started to understand myself better, exposed to different people, cultures and even thoughts. That’s when studies started to take a backseat. I was always opinionated and never thought twice to stand for people or against things that were wrong, right from school. A strong set of believes were already there, but principles were starting to develop. But the under confidence to try new things overpowered it all and also the sudden ‘WTF, how can I get low marks?’ set in, making me shift back to studying hard to set my marks right.

Ignoring everything that I felt, thought and wanted to do, I got myself to study hard and get pretty good marks in the final year.

Hello Engineering!

The obvious choice was to become a Doctor or an Engineer. Mind you, I didn’t have a clue. So it was based on everything that friends and family said would be good for me. One sure thing was, that I didn’t want to be a Doctor, so I made sure this choice was not there. (Yes I purposely did the CET Biology paper bad :p). Travel & Tourism or BSc stream was totally NO NO, as I studied well, isn’t it. Engineer seemed to the only sane choice to make!

Engineering, I would say was an experience and also an addition to the turmoil in my mind as to what I am really looking to be. Who and what do I want to be. It was frustrating at times, but I distracted myself by concentrating on being a good student with great marks again. But it showed! No matter how hard I tried, I could never get myself to do the best that I could do. Always distracted by something else.

In the 3rd year is when I started to really feel, what the hell am I doing. Also the deep depression of not being happy. But at the same time, no guts or self confidence to get involved in any other activities at the College. Now I regret, wishing I had, maybe it would have helped me understand myself better and find that one thing I would love to do.

Engineering done because I don’t just quit at things, not had the guts too. A future that was more blur than ever.

Engineer. Confused. Frustrated. Unknown future! – The State of it all

Dawn of ‘Me’ and a DREAM

With no plan, as millions others I took up a MNC job. Getting a job gave me a sense of achieving something and also the happiness of my family, sealed the deal. In this process, had a breakup that broke me some more. It was a horrible time, where I hated to have even been there and a cry that constantly resonated in my head, for true happiness. Today, am glad I made this decision to take up a MNC job. It gave me time to figure what I really didn’t want to do. Gave me a whole different perspective of things and a good set of friends.

Also the ‘Love of my life’ came in too. πŸ™‚ He played a major role in helping me figure out who I was. A whole different story, I shall write about sometime. πŸ™‚ For the first time ever I truly understood myself and what I wanted. This realization also brought in a Dream(I can’t stop not smile as I say this) :). A dream to be an entrepreneur! To start something that would change the world and also become a means of livelihood for others. Where I would be able to provide jobs for people and be a small reason for their happiness.

A dream to help people and also make a mark. Where my name goes down the history, as someone who was a reason for a change, as change that brought utmost happiness to many. From that point, everything I do for next few years would be to work towards this Dream!

Not an Engineer by Passion

I quit the job at an MNC at a junior level, with the society and many close ones telling me it was a mistake. With my partner(yes the love of my life of course) by my side, I quit with the grit to start at the bottom and to learn everything I can, that would help me as an entrepreneur ahead. Marketing is what I chose and have been working in it for 4 years now.

Marketing also opened up windows for me to work and learn about various other departments that make a company. Startups is where I chose and even choose to work in, for the many things it teaches you. I became a clean slate and learnt everything that I could. I am happy with what am doing and glad I took every step I did. What I Do and who I have become is a matter of utmost happiness and being proud of.

People still make a face, pass a judgement that I am an engineer by education and yet I chose this. It doesn’t bother me no more, neither do I stand to explain myself. I am proud of what I chose and the only regret I have is, I wish I had done this long ago. But i know that I had to experience it all to be what and who I am today. No hard feelings! The dream stands to be fulfilled and I move an inch closer to it everyday.

I am an engineer but I work in a field I have a passion for and love doing. Period!

Are you an engineer who chose to do something else? I would love to hear your stories..Share in the comments!

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