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Earth Needs You – Right Now!

Earth is our first home and also the last. When did we start forgetting this?Our tiny little sub homes mattered more, taking a lot from Earth was natural, but giving back became a problem. The Earth needs you. Like, right now!

The Selfless Earth

Air to breathe, water to drink, home build and the food grown, everything that we have, want, wear et,al all comes from Earth. We learnt this in school right and saw it with our own eyes growing up.

The trees give us shade, fruit and clean air. The earth gives us a place to walk around, build a home on, build roads to drive cars and have malls to go watch movies. The oceans give us coral reefs, rains and food. Talking about Earth and nature can be never ending.

It keeps giving and giving and giving.

We humans are soo used to taking! We are incapable of giving back, are we?

The Selfish Humans

Running Dopolgy has been a revelation of how selfish we humans are.

We have attended events, networked and had conversations and arguments. When we talk about switching to eco-friendly products, the question many ask us, “Whats in it for me? How is it beneficial for me?”. Our answer has always been, “It’s great for nature and you will be much more guilt-free”. “That’s all okay! But what do I get from it?”, they prod on. Thus begins an endless conversation to argument.

The point is not for people to buy Dopolgy products, but to stop and think about making changes for Earth.

Most, think about themselves and don’t really feel environment, global warming is really their problem. Sorry to burst all your bubbles, it is our problem. If you don’t wake up to it and understand now, it will be too late later.

Selfishness will take you no more. If all you want a better life for yourself and don’t care about your children and the generation ahead, you are definitely right about being selfish. But if you want a better future, you are making a huge mistake.

What can I do? The Earth needs you. Right now!

Overturning your life to being more eco-friendly is great. But starting small is even awesome too. Here is what you can do for your Earth,

  1. Refuse plastic as much as you can – BYOB(Bring your own bag), BYOC(Bring your own cup/cutlery), Use biodegradable cutlery for events.
  2. Recycle the plastic bottles you have and every plastic you can – Don’t throw away all the soda bottles, coke, pepsi, water bottles, shampoo, cleaning bottles, but store them and give it to recyclers.
  3. Switch to eco-friendly products as much as you can – Bamboo toothbrushes, newspaper pencils, Bamboo earbuds, Steel plates, tumblers and glass cutlery.
  4. Discard e-waste properly: Give your old electronics, batteries, cables etc to e-waste recyclers.
  5. Compost at home: This reduces your waste by more than 60% and also give you nutrient rich soil to grow plants.
  6. Educate your kids, friends and family: Don’t be alone to make changes but influence and spread the green love around.

Pleasee.. Earth needs you. Right now!

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