Don't miss Loose Connection: Fabulous #KannadaWebSeries |
Don't miss Loose Connection: Fabulous #KannadaWebSeries
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Don’t miss Loose Connection: Fabulous #KannadaWebSeries

Kannada film industry has seen a transformation over the last couple of years, with amazing talent coming in. So we have more sensible story and narration than the mindless so called ‘mass-movies’ that is just about stalking and fighting. YouTube and the various social media also gave a platform, where talent boomed into the spotlight like no other. Enter ‘Loose Connection’, Kannada Web series and I cannot contain the excitement.

Background of my thoughts

Being somewhere in between the millennials and the older generation, I am obsessed with both social media and also talk about the negatives of it. So I spend a lot of time on it, especially on YouTube watching people express themselves and showcase their talent. I happen to see many in various regional languages, loving many a telugu and tamil work on them. I would wonder when would I see our Kannada guys do something like that. Talent for sure is there, but the opportunity is what lacks I guess.

Thanks to the likes of movie makers like Yograj Bhatt, Pavan Kumar, Anup Bhandari and the Shetty brothers(Rishab & Rakshit), Kannada movie industry has seen changes. These talented directors have not just given amazing stories but also introduced many a talents too, from actors to cinematographers to music directors to script writers and cameramen. Literally everyone. Period!

Loose Connection – Web Series

In time, I saw a lot of Kannada singers and musicians hopping onthe Youtube bandwagon. This sure was joyous to watch, enjoy and appreciate. But there was always more that could be. Also a silent prayer on a much needed change in the Kannada film industry. There was a need for short films and documentaries in the regional language, but no opportunity. Thanks to many artists themselves who are taking it into their hands to change it all and bring fresh talent.

Sakkat Studio owned by RJ Pradeepa, the infamous RJ in Bengaluru along with Pentaprism Studios Pvt. Ltd, is giving this much needed break for Kannada talent. Loose Connection is a web series of a kind, with one of the best camera work and storytelling I have seen in years. What is heartwarming is, the people behind the camera are the actual stars here.

What’s new in it?

Written & Directed by Esham Khan, Haseen Khan & Raghu Shastry, this is seriously a breath of fresh air for the Kannadigas. The realistic and no moral inducing storytelling, makes it all fun. Dating, breakups, alcohol and all that is totally normal now. I love how they narrate a story focusing on the story than showing what’s right or wrong. The editing, Vfx and the camera work is super amazing. It just feels proud and the need to show it off.

Credit for sure to be given to Mahendar Sadanande & Manju for the super work. Sunil Raoh comes back after a real long time with a promise we all saw in Excuse Me movie years back. The bro in the series, NASA is amazing in his role. The songs written are hilarious and also relatable to be true. The Break up song will make you ROFL all over.

Watch the Loose Connection Break Up Song here.

Aytu too much talks, just go and watch the web series right now. 🙂 Like it, share it and get more people to watch it. With a hope that this more talking about it would encourage many more such work of art by our Kannadigas.



So the series ended and am extremely unhappy watching the last 2 episodes. I want to shake up the makers and shout yaaaaakkkkeeeeeeee (why in kannada) . Could have had a better ending and it somehow lost the gripping storyline. Having said that I still would recommend people to see it for the great work done by the done behind the camera. The cinematography is awesome dawsome for sure. 🙂

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