Do women really understand Feminism? Do They? |
Do women really understand Feminism? Do They?
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Do women really understand Feminism? Do They?

In the recent past, I have heard more ‘am not it’ than ever before on Feminism. In a conversation, a lady actually took offense and said, “Am not a feminist! Okay?” and all I could utter was “Why not?” In General men are uncomfortable to talk about feminism and women behaving this way is sure making it even more difficult. So I wonder, Do women really understand feminism?

“Am bold, I have a voice, but NO I am Not A Feminist”

This is what rings in my head, everything I hear an independent, bold woman say, “I am not a Feminist” with disgust. It sort of hurts my feelings too, which I try really hard to hide. Imagine a cause, millions are fighting for to give women the rights and everything they deserve. But then there is a set of women, who are negating it all. Then to think of it, it’s more on not being related to a personality that an ethos really. Let me explain.

What comes to your mind when you think of a feminist? A bold, outspoken, dominating personality that refuses to let go or accept defeat? If yes! My friend, you are not only judgemental but taking away the meaning of the word. If you didn’t think of the above, great you sort of get the idea. then again, am not saying women with all the above characters are not feminists. But what am trying to say is, even the soft spoken, introvert can also be a feminist.

Coming back to my point. Most girls and women per se, don’t want to be thought of as a dominating, outspoken person(Again a patriarchal thing, where it is considered to be not womanish to be this) but not necessarily believe that woman should not have rights. It shouldn’t be that many ask us, do women really understand feminism?

So my dear ones, being a feminist is not a bad thing and in noways brands you on anything, except that you want to fight for your rights!

“Why call it feminism, if it is equality?”

A question men ask and some women nod on. Well, here is the thing. Patriarchy has reigned for centuries now. As we fight to bring women to be equals to men, there needs to be major upliftment that needs to be done. So as to stress on that, it is called feminism. But to think of it, “Problem Kya hain?”

It’s like the Not All Men hashtag, where they defended that not all men were mean, don’t behave badly with women and are not patriarchal. Like come on, probably 99.99999% would have it ingrained in you guys, where you don’t even recognize you are being patriarchal. Do you lie around and expect your wife and mom to clean up, cook and bring you the food? Well you are patriarchal then. That’s an another discussion altogether.

But am trying to say, fight for the cause. Don’t make the name the reason you don’t believe in equality. When more than 50% of the world has equal rights for men and women, then we shall have the name changed okay?

Do Women Really Understand Feminism?

Maybe not, but they really do need to understand it. How long can we as women struggle in this strong hold of patriarchy? Where we are constantly expected to put our husband, brother’s needs above our own? Where we are constantly expected to behave in certain way because we are a girl? Why can’t we have the freedom to choose what we wear, do and be, before we are blamed for what men take the liberty to do to us?

You got raped because of your clothes and the time you were out in the dark. When you get cat called, it’s because you behaved that way for it to happen to you. You didn’t get that job because you didn’t look that great. You cannot get paid as much, because you can’t do late nights and may take maternity leaves. When will it stop to be our mistake only?

We need to work towards a future, where men and women live equally and treat eachother with respect. This is possible only when everyone understands and champions Feminism and doesn’t turn away like a bad omen, everytime it is discussed. We as women, need to champion it even more than before.

So do women really understand feminism? Yes they do and will help everyone to understand it better. Feminism is equality, where women need to be pulled up to the same level as men.

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