It's always about the Little Things, This Web Series shows you why |
It's always about the Little Things, This Web Series shows you why
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It’s always about the Little Things, This Web Series shows you why

Over the weekend, as the husband and I wondered what we should do, decided to watch something. Shuffling through various movies and TV series on Netflix and some more apps, we stumbled upon a web series on YouTube. It was a random choice really and with not much thought at all. Little Things by Dice Media, a web series on a love relationship of Dhruv and Kavya.

What’s new in this Little Things Web Series?

The Dice Media web series, Little things is everything normal. An everyday relationship between a boy and a girl, with usual scenarios, arguments and love. That’s what makes it really special. They bring out this such an important message, that’s it’s always the little things that will always matter a lott. Little things that you do for eachother and not do too that will strengthen your relationship even more.

It made me reminisce and realize many a things about my relationship with my man. I realized on the many small things we did and only the other knew off, which sort of what made us, ‘Us’. How he knows I love food, writing and sleep, even knowing when I want each one of them. Like I know what makes him happy. This series sort of warmed me up to remember, we are good together, not in the over the top exuberant sort of way but, in our very happy little ways. 🙂

Something to takeaway from this series?

The actors have portrayed the characters so well and at such ease. This makes it even more relatable. More so, there are some things that comes out through this Web Series,

  • Never let anything or anyone get in between your relationship, no matter what.
  • Laughter is what you need for a great relationship. How can you possibly stay together if you don’t laugh together huh? 😉
  • Communicate – anger, disappointment or hurt. Always helps to get it sorted soon and get back on being happy lovey-dovey.
  • Do what the other likes sometimes. Take turns and do what your partner likes. You may end up enjoying it or bond over being around for it.
  • Say the truth – This should be the no.1 rule in any relationship, if you are looking to have a long term one
  • Celebrate and cherish eachother’s talent, achievements and happiness

Watch the web series for the warm and fuzzy feeling it will leave you with. Here you go, enjoy.

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