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4 Months & A World of Change – Am Here Again.

I seemed to have ended up taking a sort of sabbatical from writing. With soo many things happening, I did not want to write just for the sake of it. But here I am, after 4 months & a world of change later, ready to rekindle the love affair with ‘words’ and getting back to blogging.

Here is everything that happened

It feels like reconnecting with a friend really, making sure I have covered it all. 🙂

a. I am officially an Entrepreneur: Co-founded a company Dopolgy with the better half. A company that thrives to make sustainability affordable. Eco-friendly living is not a luxury but a dire need. Check out our online store here.

This has got to be the major world of change. Working on orders, being part of events, building an audience, working on weddings for their special orders. Crazy tired and loving it <3

b. Jaipur off the Travel checklist: Been there for New year, absolutely loved the place, architecture and the food. Definitely wanting to go back.

c. Books took a backseat: Saddest part of the 4 months is that I haven’t read much but caressed my books often. 😉

d. Blown away by KGF: An amazing kannada movie made, that had soo much to teach.(Will write about it in a blogpost 😉 )

That’s all you wonder, well its been a roller coaster ride working at a job and then taking care of the business, but it has been awesome doing things I love.

Back to Blogging 🙂

With a stronger want and need to work with words, you shall be reading a lot more on the blogs. 🙂 Because am back, am back to blogging. 😉 Yes am exciting because I have soo much in my head and the words await to flow.

See you soon.

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