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2 men changed the world in 24 hours - OpinionatedMua
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2 men changed the world in 24 hours

Yes, you are right. I am going to write about this! Do you know the feeling of happiness and agony? Of course! you would say. Well what about the time, when you feel the happiness, followed by extreme agony. Your brain, body isn’t able to process what to feel first? That is how I felt, as the 2 men changed the world in 24 hours!

The Modi Move

8th November, a day like any other. Until the news hit! Man it hit like a giant wave. Initially spreading panic and then awe, of the bold move. Every decision, always has takers and non-takers alike, but what the effect of is what makes all the difference. Modi did it! To be true, I never ever expected this would ever happen in India, specifically here. Why? As most of the politicians, industrialists in India are masters, owners of the black money and everything literally runs on it.

2 men changed the world in 24 hours - OpinionatedMua


The ban on Rs.500 and Rs.1000 was a welcome change for many of us Indians. With it being done overnight, sure a shocker but come to think of it, it was necessary. It had to be done the way it is for it’s effect to be seen. Modi Government had created history. Our India trudges on to become a powerful nation. Not denying the repercussions it may have, but I sure feel we can get through it.

Not just acche din but sacche din in the making!

P.S: The new notes are brilliant, the design. Mangalyaan was an achievement that had to be there.

Being Trump’d

The most agonizing time began as the first signs of Donald Trump winning, started to show. I cannot tell you what a nerve wreck I was and the constant praying, chattering I did looking at the US election results being compiled. It was not because Hillary lost. But, because I was in denial and failed to accept, the people of USA had chosen this guy. A sexist, homophobic, hatred filled man – who had no experience and made no sense. It showed how the stone age had not passed at all. The evolution was a namesake, the ego of the skin colour, the stupidity of the literate clan and how it was not about humanity at all.

2 men changed the world in 24 hours - OpinionatedMua

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I cannot fathom or get over the fact even now, that he was chosen. He won it. He got elected! What the fuck were people thinking? I fear for the people, more fear for the women and for the loss of humanity. How, years of fight to get rights for women, went in smoke as the man who treats women like shit got chosen. This is a fucking powerful position, not some dumb TV show. How this showed the younger generation, a bully, a disrespectful person, a sexist could get away with anything. What a failure to the human kind!

To say it in Mr. Trump’s words, HUMANITY! YOU ARE FIRED….

All this within just fucking 24 hours, where India moved ahead and USA fell backward!! Here’s how 2 men changed the fate of the world.

P.S: Michele Obama may tell you better here, why you should really worry. (Courtesy: Shreya Bardhan )


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