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You Lose… #FridayFotoFiction

Writing stories has been exciting for me. All credit goes to the husband and #FridayFotoFiction. Hope I someday be good at narrating stories too. 😉 Here is my take on this week’s photo prompt – You Lose…

You Lose... #FridayFotoFiction

You Lose… #Wordarry

The judge gave his verdict, “The kids will be in mother’s custody and the man is to be pay 28 million dollars”

The mother of two girls rejoiced in the court with tears of joy rolling down her cheek.

The father stood shocked and the kids seem to be distant, not knowing what to feel after this month long fight for custody.

It was raining like never before.

As the mother and the kids rushed to get into the car, the father who was being taken away by the police yelled, “I should have given it to you. This is not worth it!”

The woman smiled as she peeked the window, enjoying the tears on her husband that the rain covered.

“Driver, take us to my mom’s house, we need to drop the kids and then go shopping! Am a millionaire after all”

Kids looked back longing their father.

Wordcount [149]

In this story, who do you think said to themselves ‘You lose’ ?

An Afterthought by OpinionatedMua

Everytime and in every situation we often assume women are the victims. But the reality is that there are bad people – men or women, who think about themselves and ensure to get what they want. May it be at any cost. It’s time all genders are given their due listening and judgement is based on what sort of people they are instead of the gender, colour and race playing a role in how you judge them.

Don’t you think?

Linking the story You lose to #FridayFotoFiction up to Tina & Mayuri

You Lose... #FridayFotoFiction

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So this happened. Again. Yay! 🙂

You Lose... #FridayFotoFiction You Lose... #FridayFotoFiction

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