You are a Sexist. NO, YOU ARE! #IHaveAVoiceToo #ShortStory |
You are a Sexist. NO, YOU ARE! #IHaveAVoiceToo #ShortStory
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You are a Sexist. NO, YOU ARE! #IHaveAVoiceToo #ShortStory

OpinionatedMua Note: #IHaveAVoice campaign against sexism has been more about discussions and speaking out. There cannot be a change unless you see, accept and understand that a change is required. Sexism can be better understood through stories I believe. So here is a story by Rahul that says something. We would love to know how you perceived it. So do comment in and let us know. You are a Sexist. NO, YOU ARE! – a wordarry inspired from the picture below. Happy reading. 🙂

You are a Sexist. NO, YOU ARE! #IHaveAVoiceToo #ShortStory

You are a Sexist. NO, YOU ARE! – A Short Story

It was beautiful Tuesday afternoon, though being a weekday there was good flow of tourists who were busy clicking photos and taking selfies. Rayan had his old cart stationed on the bridge selling postcards and occasionally clicking photos for the tourist. He had a very captivating smile, which made him approachable. Though now aged 60 his heart was still in 20’s.

“Hi Rayan!” Bruce hugged Rayan with affection. Jessica followed as if by cue and kissed Rayan on the cheek.

“I shall be with you guys in two minutes.” Rayan packed his stuff and moved his cart towards the bench nearby, where his two favorite people, now sat. They both moved aside letting him sit in the middle. Bruce handed Rayan, a Cuban Cigar and Jessica handed him the lighter. He thanked both and said “Let’s start”

This had been their ritual for a while now. Rayan was THE personal consultant for Bruce and Jessica.

Jessica begun, “Why these guys never accept that Sexism exists? Why women are looked down upon? Like we are incompetent?’ Before Rayan could answer, Bruce cuts him saying “There is Sexism, I never denied it. But why it became valid only when women raised their voice? I believe guys should be heard about their side of the story too.”

Jessica: “It’s funny you saying that Bruce. I got promoted over you because I am better than you. Now do not compare and act like you are the victim here.”

Bruce: “No! you got the promotion because you flirted your way to it. We both know I am as good as you if not better.”

Jessica: “You did not just say that. Well in that case, you would have got the promotion too, if you had manned up more and did all the partying with the boss!”

Bruce: “You know I have quit drinking about 6 months back due to health issues. How is partying manning up more?”

There was Silence for a few minutes. Rayan stabbed the Cigar on the ground and kept the remaining cigar back in the pocket. He finally said “Well…”

“Tell him Rayan that I am correct! Tell him you agree with me”, insisted Jessica.

“If you let him speak! He will put some sense into you” Bruce snorts.

Rayan smiles and says, “Well you both are correct and at the same time you both are wrong. Before either of you cut me off. Listen to me and then you can be the judge of it. So, Bruce what Jessica says is correct. Sexism exists period! But what you said is also true both sexes are victim of it. From the beginning of Humanity, roles were undertaken based on the gender. Like a lady would cook and man would hunt. Then expansion and revolution happened. Ego came in and then, the feeling of being superior overtook everybody’s life.

So combine all these things ego, greed and feeling superior and you will get a very dangerous cruel species and that is ‘HUMANS.’ Women want to PROVE they are capable of doing it all. And they have succeeded also. But they complain of the hardship and responsibilities in doing so. All they want is to be appreciated for their efforts. We all want to be appreciated for our efforts and not be said because of you are ‘Woman/Man you did this or got this.’ Had you both got the promotion, neither of you would have said a word against why the other got it and instead celebrated it.

Jessica: ‘That is exactly what I have been saying all along.’

Rayan: ‘No Jessica, you are seeking affirmation and trying to prove even though you are an woman you got the promotion and trying to rub it in his face and not only that you blaming ‘Sexism’. First look into your own before you call someone else a sexist.

With that Rayan stood up and says ‘’Times up!” as he walks back to his work with same enchanting smile. Leaving Bruce and Jessica into deep thoughts.

In in fight of ” You are a Sexist. NO, YOU ARE! ” , who do you think won?

Join the #IHaveAVoice Movement

#IHaveAVoice is a #BlogchatterProject that works to fight against sexism and bring in awareness about it. You are a Sexist. NO, YOU ARE! is a story that is yet another attempt to bring awareness about sexism. Often there is always a fight on who is more sexist among men and women. A twitter poll on just this, had women in the leading as being more sexist.

What do you think? Read stories of sexism in everyday lives here and the story The trip on the same lines.

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