Was it Worth it? #FridayFotoFiction

Taking inspiration #FridayFotoFiction to write a short fiction for Wordarry. Every picture has something to say, a story, a thought or just a means to ramble.

Was it Worth it? #FridayFotoFiction

It started in 2012 and yet it felt like yesterday. A journey that was everything but easy, like being at war everyday. Winning battles to only start another. Missed family gatherings, friends slowing moving away and even a lost marriage as the partner refused to understand.

‘Was it worth it?’, was the question that lingered.

The company was worth 2 billion today and being acquired.

Anisha stood transfixed looking at her 5 years of hardwork on her work wall. Tears rolled down her cheeks, remembering the people who told her to stop trying to be a man, be the lady she is ought to be and not have a dream of a company that will never work. Anisha had proved them all wrong. She had the right to this dream and had no regrets. Β With a brilliant smile, she turned around to start her interview for Time Magazine’s, ‘Billionaires under 30’.

She had arrived!

Wordcount {150}

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73 thoughts on “Was it Worth it? #FridayFotoFiction

  1. This is a nice inspiring piece. Loved reading it. Its all about hardworking and dedication. Along with a bit of ignorance to what people say. If you can ignore them and focus on your dream nothing can stop you. Keep it up πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  2. I am loving these fridayfotofiction prompts. And you guys are so creative to connect these pictures with beautiful stories.
    And true everyone has right to live their dream and work on it to make it real πŸ‘

  3. The possibility of the picture being of a man or woman is equal. I am sure many would straight away assume it is a man. You stunned me with your view. You chose to portray a woman and gave a nice essence to te story by using the words β€œremembering the people who told her stop trying to be a man…” it was indeed a nice touch! Loved every bit of it.

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