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This One Time #FridayFotoFiction

I have been loving this #FridayFotoFicition prompt. More than the amazing stories it is fun chatting up with some really lovely people who participate. Continuing the tradition with horror stories I must confess I have really hit a ‘Block’. I cannot think of any horror story for this but am I speaking the truth? Go ahead read it ‘ This One Time ‘

This One Time #FridayFotoFiction

This One Time – #FridayFotoFiction

The Air BnB room was dimly lit and the windows slightly open towards the deep dark forest. The four of us, sat in a circle enjoying the wine as I continued with another horror story

“This One Time, in my village….” A creaking sound on the first floor, startled us but we decided to dismiss it.

Then it happened again. Now, we actually were scared because the creaking sound didn’t stop. We turned the lights on and headed towards the sound, which was actually coming from one of the closed rooms. Standing close to eachother, they pushed me ahead to open the door. I opened it slowly.

What we saw inside changed us!

My Friend: What the hell! It’s the cradle.

My Friend’s Wife: It’s moving because of the wind.

My Wife: Look!!! It is similar to the #FridayFotoFiction prompt!!

Me: Yeah!! I got my story for it!😉😉

Linking the story This one Time to #FridayFotoFiction up to Tina & Mayuri

This One Time #FridayFotoFiction

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