The Marriage #FridayFotoFiction

So I won again last week. 🙂 I try to be modest but invariably cannot for some reason :p Read the story You Lose and tell me what you think. 2018 has been a year I find the voice of OpinionatedMua.com. So of course, it turned out to be opinions and about books. But this year will be me championing feminism and continue fighting against sexism.(Yes as a continuation to #IHaveAVoiceToo) Anyways lets get to the story – The Marriage

The Marriage #FridayFotoFiction

The Marriage #FridayFotoFiction

The decor was made out to be Instagram perfect. A minimalist, elegant wedding it would be.

“It’s beautiful and it fills my heart to know the groom side wanted such a simple wedding” said the bride’s aunt to her friends who had been invited to the wedding.

“The overall wedding cost just 5 lakhs!” said the groom’s uncle amazed.

“Lucky girl! She is marrying a boy who doesn’t demand anything”, said the bride’s friend to her.

Indeed thought the bride, proud of all the arrangements they had made together. She sneaked a text to her beloved.
‘Thank you for agreeing to split the wedding costs and pushing for a simple wedding. I love you for being different.’

‘Anyways, all I ever wanted was YOU more than anything else.’ came the reply.

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An Afterthought by OpinionatedMua

It’s time to look at weddings as a celebration organized by two people who are getting married. Ever so often, especially in India, marriage is a huge deal where the groom’s side demands and the bride’s side spends a lott. I strongly believe the change is in the hands of the generations now, who can convince the older generations to move away from such thoughts and practices. Men and women are equal, you don’t bribe someone to take your daughter and neither do you deserve money for marrying off your son to someone’s daughter. Marriage is not a trade but a coming together of two souls and families.

Have a marriage instead of a wedding. What say?

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The Marriage #FridayFotoFiction

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12 thoughts on “The Marriage #FridayFotoFiction

  1. So rightly put, Akshata. There are a lott of things we can easily do away in Indian weddings, easily. N yes, it is the responsibility of the new generation to be the torch bearer of change. This is what is called to #LiveaitEqual. Loved it.

  2. An interesting take on the prompt as usual Akshata. I suppose the easiest event is register marriage and a small party for very close knit family or friends. That is the need of the hour. I like the thought that the groom shared the expenses along with the bride. That scenario is changing for a while now. Hope we see more people changing for the good and not get influenced by societal pressures and gossips.

    1. I quite agree. That would be the most suitable wedding. Something I wished for but never got, due to the ‘Log kya kahenge logic’ 🙂 But am happy to say that was my groom who shared the cost. 😉

  3. WE have been aping west for many not so worthwhile ways of life. But have not taken up the good ones like sharing the wedding cost by the bride and the groom. Wish more and more wake up to it!
    Love your tales Akshata for they bring a thought that lingers in mind for long, for the profoundness of the thinking behind the tale!

    1. You caught that right Anagha. Ape the things that will actually bring a change. true that!

      Thanks Anagha. I strongly want to champion change in our society, so I write as much on it. Hoping I could be a reason for a change that would inherently do good for someone.

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