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The Best Workman #FridayFotoFiction

My waltz with stories continue. Here is another attempt at a good show for this week’s #FridayFotoFiction– The Best Workman!

The Best Workman #FridayFotoFiction

The Best Workman

Elizabeth ringed her family contractor. “I really need the plumbing at my home fixed Mr.Whitman, I have a dinner party in two days. It’s my daughter’s introductory party, it cannot go bad. By no means, do I want to jeopardize my daughter’s chances of finding a good husband.”

“Yes Mam, I understand. I shall send you my best workman and get it sorted by today”, promised Mr. Whitman, not wanting to lose an important client.

The doorbell rang in an hour. A young girl came in, holding all the tools. “Good Afternoon Mrs. Elizabeth, can you please lead me to the issue.”

Bemused, Elizabeth asked “Does Mr.Whitman know you are here?”

“Yes I have worked for him all summer Maa. Am their best workman. I’ll fix it by tomorrow!” chimed her daughter.

Elizabeth looked on proud, “Do I really need to worry about her future?”

Wordcount [145]

Linking the story The Best Workman to #FridayFotoFiction up to Tina & Mayuri

The Best Workman #FridayFotoFiction

I am there, but not there yet. 🙂 Do write in your comments for what you thought of it.

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Note: Why I wrote this was as a reminder that girls/women can do and be anything they want to be. As parents, we should give them that freedom to choose and an encouragement as a belief that they will succeed. My stories are rather like incidents and silent stories that want to be heard. It’s never enough to speak more about it, because it needs to be heard. I guess I will stop talking about it someday, someday when I actually see it happening. When jobs, roles are taken based on capabilities and passion but not based on gender. Also when there will actually be a stop to gender stereotyping and everyday sexism.

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