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The Beautiful One- Flash Fiction #Wordarry

I keep reading such great stories on twitter for #FridayFotoFiction every week, and it is hard to not to steal plots from those stories for my story :). Now I shall try and keep it original. Here is my take on an image I came across, as my #wordarry, ad ode to the image that inspired it. The Beautiful one – A flash fiction.

The Beautiful One #Wordarry

The Beautiful One

Click Click.. Beautiful! that’s wrap. The photographer shows the final picture to the model. The picture showed a lady checking out winter collection dresses with a thoughtful look on her face with a hint of smile.

The photographer walks up to Rachel and says a lil bit louder “It’s a wrap”. Coming back from her thoughts she smiles. The picture would be on the cover magazine, you are going to be so popular and rich’. Rachel smiles and says “the credit goes to my sister, I always wanted to be like her’

“Did you see the magazine Rocky? Rachel looks so beautiful in that picture. Isn’t she a beauty? ‘Yes mother’ he says and keeps the phone.

Looking at his sleeping sister ‘You were never as beautiful as me. Rest in peace!’

Rocky looks himself in the mirror ‘Hmm I do look like my twin Sister’ he poses.

P.S: It is inspired by the #FridayFotoFiction of the last week. 🙂

Do comment in! I would love to know your thoughts. Also read all the other #FridayFotoFiction.

Writing stories is fun and wordarry is more a challenge to work the brain and create a story, that strongly picks the reader’s brain and they enjoy reading the story. After all it’s the audience that means a lot right? Have you ever written a story inspired by an object, a picture or even a thought? Share your #Wordarry with me too.



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