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Magic Hands #FridayFotoFiction

Well, by now everyone knows my genre is horror or thriller when it comes to writing a story. But I decided for this prompt I am going to keep it ‘normal’ everyday occurrence. More like a thanksgiving to all the handyman and plumbers or construction worker, here is my story for #fridayfotofiction inspired from them. Magic Hands

Magic Hands #FridayFotoFiction

Magic Hands #FridayFotoFiction

John was a well-known handyman in the society. He had worked and repaired almost all the houses in the society and was known as ‘The Man with Magic Hands’. At one of the job, he was fixing a clogged sink when he realized the tool kit was forgotten back at home. “Man!!think I am getting old.” He picks his phone and calls his son Richie.

Phone ringing

Richie: Who’s this?

John: It’s me John, I am sorry to disturb you but can you get me my tool kit from my place?

Richie: You are kidding rite?

John: Why?

Richie: Who is this?

John: Richie it’s your dad!! What is wrong with you?

Richie cuts the call.

The place goes black and John finds himself lying inside a box with his tools beside him.

“I wonder if I can hammer my way out”

The grave outside read “RIP Magic Hands”

Wordcount [149]

(I was kidding!! Of course I love horror stories 😊 😊)

Linking the story Fire! to #FridayFotoFiction up to Tina & Mayuri

Every Girl's Dream #FridayFotoFiction

What kind of stories do you like to read and to write?Horror and mysteries stories is what drives my boat. the excitement, the wait to find out and nerve wrecking wonder as to what is going to happen next. My wife is not a fan of horror, because she’s scared and invariably will dream of it the same night. I wonder when will we ever watch a horror movie together. 😉

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Update: I WON! 😉



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