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LOST & FOUND #FridayFotoFiction

Taking up this week’s #FridayFotoFiction with my take on the photo prompt, Lost & Found. Hope you guys enjoy reading it!

LOST & FOUND #FridayFotoFiction

Lost & Found #FridayFotoFiction

It was a beautiful, Saturday Morning. Lucifer, at the age of 65, got ready by 8.30 am & got out of the house. A routine he followed for the past 35 years as a detective. The work replaced by a walk in the garden and catching up with friends.

Always the first one to arrive, with today being no exception. He sat down and started reading the newspaper. A girl came and sat beside him. They acknowledged each other with a smile.

Something was familiar about her. He glanced again.

Suddenly the whole event came flashing back. “I have found you, you are alive”, he screamed standing up all excited. The girl looked at him with a smile “I FORGIVE YOU”. “No, no I am….”

He woke up with a crumpled paper in his hand. It was the newspaper article that read

‘Detective’s negligence cost his daughter’s life!’

Wordcount (148)

Linking the story Fire! to #FridayFotoFiction up to Tina & Mayuri


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I am happy to have won the second featured blogger on the last week’s #FridayFotoFiction. Check out my story here.

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EDM, Travel and Driving- 3 things that I love the most. I love stories, have a very strong sense of imagination. I wear Lucifers mask as for me, he defines the truth.


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