If Life Was A Video Game #Wordarry |
If Life Was A Video Game #Wordarry
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If Life Was A Video Game #Wordarry

A few days back as I went through the morning routine, this thought hit me and I paused to think, to ponder. Everyday we live life like there is no end and when the news of a death in the family or friend circle comes in, we realize life is actually not forever. Here is not a poem I would say but a flow of thought, a wordarry – If Life Was A Video Game .

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If Life Was A Video Game

If Life was a Video Game,

I would be invincible. I’d have 3 lives

None could ever kill me, as I would *poof* appear again

I would jump off cliffs into the cool blue water aand run on trains not fearing for life

Maybe I would risk everything I had to do everything I wanted to,

Afterall, there is another spare life to take care of the responsibilities and worry.

I would be the irresponsible, non cautious one in the first.

Love everyone and spread smiles without an expectation.

I would be the serious, let’s get it all done in another

But what would I do when am at the last? Guess I would wish I had 3 lives more.


If Life Was A Video Game

Would I use cheat codes to skim through every stage of life?

Then I would win every challenge and have no worries

I would probably get greedy and want to move up in life as soon as possible

At the end of it all, I would wish there were more things to do with this life!


If Life Was a Video Game

There would be no emotions and just the need to get through each stage

There would be less pain, but also less happiness or none at all

I would be alone from the start till the end, but hey it wouldn’t matter

As all I would want is to win.


If Life Was A Video Game

I would have everything and yet nothing.

It wouldn’t be a life anymore but a monotonous turn of stages

I would wish for a life, to have a life!

Oh wait! Don’t I have one now and yet…

I wish I had a different life or more life or something else the other had.

I go through life monotonous hoping there would be a better tomorrow

Hey! You don’t have any lives left to spare but just one to live.

Life is not a video game, and you live only once. Live it!

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