Words Inspires Art: I Have A Dream #Wordarry |
Words Inspires Art: I Have A Dream #Wordarry
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Words Inspires Art: I Have A Dream #Wordarry

An experiment a close friend and me decided to do. She gave me her art to take inspiration from and I gave her a weave of words to draw inspiration from. Β Sharing her interpretation to the muse. The subsequent post will have my interpretation of the muse she shared. πŸ™‚ A dream we share, in words and in art with you. πŸ™‚

Have A Dream

I live there. I live in tomorrow. There is much I aspire for the future. Where I will be is what matters. Who I wana be is what it’s all about. I wish I had a time machine to where my life really starts.

Kavya is her name and she’s very close to making her dream a reality. An engineer who had the passion for art, is now an amazing tattoo artist too at Bengaluru. Her brainchild ‘HOBO Tattoo Studio is making a mark in each one of the clients(pun intended πŸ™‚ ) giving them much more than their imagination. Kavya’s interpretation of your thoughts that transcribe to a tattoo will leave you happy, breathless and emotional too. For you feel it to more real than your own Tattoo dream.

Am sure, she will grow to be one of the best Tattoo artists in Bangalore.

Find all details of the tattoo studio on her Facebook post.

Here are some of her awesome tattoos,

P.S: The anchor one with Popey written is my tattoo. πŸ™‚

Have you got any tattoo or looking to get any tattoo? More so, where do you find your muse or inspirations to write from. Does art inspire you to write. tell me everything about it all in the comments section. Love to hear it.

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