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You're Awesome
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Hey You! Yes. You. You’re Awesome

Hi, I just wanted to say to all of you that You’re Awesome.

How easy it is to just let go?

There wouldn’t be a worry of the present nor the future.

I could sleep all day and indulge in the nothingness.

Day after day, night after night.

I had nowhere else to go, nobody to meet, nothing to do.

How de-stressful would that be. To not worry, to not think, to not feel.

I feel it’s pull, every minute of every day. It’s alluring and I want to give in.

But what’s that little light, that refuses to be put out.

I can’t enjoy this darkness and the feeling of being light headed with that tiny light shimmering in the distance.

“Let me go”, I scream. I want to let go. This is easier. “This is what I want” I say, again and again.

The light flickers, like its blinking at me, not understanding what am saying.

‘Oh how Annoying!’ I exclaim

Suddenly, There is a rush of warm wind and yet there is a chill I feel.

The light grows, like am about to experience an incarnation.

A fear grips me. I want the nothing, I repeat in my head.

A wave washes over me. There is warmness again and now I crave for it.

Am confused. Yet am staring at the light, wanting it to engulf me.

“There is hope”, I hear myself say.

“I have things to do, people to meet and something higher to achieve”.

Who is this new person? I wonder, as the need for nothingness gnaws at the back of my mind.

“Lets live” is all the light said.

A crack of down. A Break of silence. A Tingle in my feet.

“Lets!” I said as I stretched my hand to stand tall and look at a life ahead to live.

I Live. Today. Tomorrow. Until I can.

Hey you. Yes you! You’re Awesome. For Living Everyday. 🙂

Giving you a Context

The past few days, all I have wanted to do is sleep, keep away from work and do nothing. Yet in the last moment, I have always moved my ass and got to where I needed to be. It has made me wonder, how easy it is for us humans to just let go and wallow in our sadness and nothingness. Yet everyday, each one of us wake up and get to places, to meet someone or to workout or to work. We do it for a purpose, for oourselves or a loved one. But the point is we do.

That’s why you’re awesome. You wake up everyday to get things done, to do things or even spread love. The thing is you are upto something. You are awesome.

We have also been talking about depression and suicide from quite somedays and always come to the point where we agree, the last few seconds can make all the difference. That small light, may it be your conscious, a friend, a family member or even a toy can save that person from taking that drastic step.

Know that you are making a difference everyday. For yourself and your loved ones. You’re awesome.

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