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Heroes #FridayFotoFiction

Stories have a way to heal and say something more. I missed writing for #FridayFotoFiction last week. Am kicking myself and writing this just in time. 🙂 Heroes – My take on this week’s prompt.

Heroes #FridayFotoFiction

Heroes – #FridayFotoFiction

“So we meet again huh?” smiled Sasha with a wicked grin.

Neeya, Vexy and June huddled together.

10 years and here they were again in the same crossroad.

Life had changed, but they hadn’t. The best friends teared up knowing their friendship wasn’t lost, even though they hadn’t met or spoken to eachother in the last 10 years. Everyone turning up here, this day to meet again, as they had decided then, was proof of their bond.

“This place still gives me the creeps. But I don’t feel one bit of regret.” Said Vexy hugging June.

“Look, what I got” said Neeya and handed the paper cutting that was framed.

|| Serial child molester murdered mysteriously at the crossroads! ||

Holding hands, the 4 friends watched the little girls and boys crossing the road.

Wordcount [134]

An Afterthought by OpinionatedMua

The recent Nassar case, the US gymnast’s doctor who molested, more than 150 small girls has been lingering in my mind.I don’t understand this monster’s mind or intentions. The life of the many women not the same nomore. A victim, no a survivor of child molestation, takes time to heal completely. The child, not just during the incident but also as he/she grows up goes through tremendous difficulty. The parents need to actually listen and make their kids aware. It breaks my heart, my palms sweat and a scream that does not escape gets stuck in my throat. This is insane! Not to forget the 8 month old who was raped by her nephew, how can people be soo cruel. There is much to say but I shall refrain and wait to put it better.

We have got to get these things changed. Need to have to !!!

Linking the story Heroes to #FridayFotoFiction up to Tina & Mayuri

Heroes #FridayFotoFiction

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