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Short Story: Don’t Shut Me Out, I Open At The Close #Wordarry

A continuation to the experiment and the muse I was given, which I took a real long time to write. There is soo much inspiration in it and where to begin was my problem. But now that I have wrapped my head around it, here is my Wordarry. Art inspires words. <3 You can view the other part of the experiment, where words inspire art here, I Have A Dream.

Short Story: Don't Shut Me Out, I Open At The Close : Wordarry

Image Courtesy: Kavya M S (Check her out on Instagram)

Wordarry: Don’t shut me out, I open at the close

“This was the last straw!!” shouted her best friend, Riya, “How could you not be there for me when I won the College Pageant and earned an internship at my dream company?” Tia looked down, trying to find words to explain. Tia had not been there for her childhood friend for a year now, always missing on her big events and sad moments. She could see, Riya was frustrated and even questioned their friendship. “You weren’t there when I had my breakup, I didn’t blame you. Maybe you were busy with work. You weren’t there on my birthday, I let it go thinking it isn’t that big. But now I wonder, when have you ever been there for me?’ screamed Riya. Tia fought back her tears, unable to say a single word to her friend but only staring at the floor guilty.

Riya waited. All Tia had to say was sorry and she would give it all up. She didn’t want to be angry with her friend of 14 years. Tia didn’t say a word, let alone even look at Riya. Something broke between them, Riya could feel the connection being lost and she couldn’t stop it. Loosing patience, Riya declared “We are done! Don’t ever text me or call me. You broke our friendship!” and picking her bag, she walked away.

Tia heard a cry, a scream. She looked up and felt this wrenching pain in her heart. The scream was her own, in her head, that reverberated through her body and soul. Now she had nobody, literally the last person close to her had deserted her. Her alter ego seem to chuckle at her, ‘Didn’t you bring this to yourself?’, it seem to remind her. ‘But I didn’t want to let go, I still don’t want too. But what will I tell her?’ argued Tia with herself. Tia felt the deafening silence and realized how lonely she was. She missed home, but she couldn’t go back. It had been months since she last spoke to her parents.

With much effort, she got up and dragged herself to the bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror, she wondered who this person was. Where was the happy bubbly person who had a smile on her face all the time. ‘It is time!’ said her inner voice. Picking up the blade, she felt the sharpness and thinking how bad would it pain.

There was a noise in the house, she turned back startled. It was Riya, with kajal tears streaking her face. She rushed and hugged Tia. Tia froze, then shivering she let go of herself. Holding her dear friend, she cried her heart out. “Please don’t leave me, please don’t leave me alone!”, she begged Riya. Riya shuddered, ‘What had happened to her friend?Oh hell! why didn’t you see this’, she cursed herself. Tia was shivering, telling Riya she’s sorry, she didn’t mean too and she loves her. Riya, dragged her beloved friend to the nearby chair, sat her down, wiped her face and asked, “What happened? Are you alright?”.

Tia smiled, ‘I thought you would never ask’. The new blades on the bathroom sink, let out a sigh! They won’t be used.

‘Don’t shut me out. I open at the close!’ Ask me again.

Epilogue- The thought behind this

Depression is the most underrated of diseases and deadly too. Noone ever can understand what the person goes through when in depression. As friends and family, it is important we are aware of our loved one’s feelings. It is important to ask, to talk about it to your kids, that it’s okay. Be there for that friend or a family member, who needs you and even at times they don’t. Don’t just love someone but show it. More so, depression can hit anyone and you wouldn’t even have a clue about it, even though you are around. Don’t be judgmental but be there instead. All they need is love, understanding and knowing they are worth something.

So did you like this story? Did you like the wordarry? Read more here.

Wordarry is words telling a story, taking inspiration from a picture, art or anything else. Wordarry came to me as I skimmed through amazing pictures on Instagram and felt the words flow in me as I enjoyed this art. You should try one too and tag me in it. πŸ™‚

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