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The Job #FridayFotoFiction

Everytime I write for #FridayFotoFiction, I ensure to not read stories so it doesn’t influence my own, but this time I took the other way round. Read some of them. Maybe because the last time, Akshata’s(a fab blogger, check her blog) take on the prompt and mine were on the same lines. Though I love that we think alike, I feel there must be varied stories for everyone to read. More so I wanted to see this way around would make any difference to my story. So here is this weeks take on the prompt – The Job

The Job #FridayFotoFiction

The Job – …

After 10 years of career break. I returned to work.

The interview was a heartbreaker, where I was termed a newbie again though I had 10 years of experience as a SAP Consultant, before the marriage and the shift to another country led me to quit a plush job. It hurt me, being paid, 1/4th of what my friends in the same industry made, though I was upto date with the software.

But something was better than nothing right?

“You look sexy even at the age of 40!” was the first thing, my team lead said.

It shocked me, but I stayed quiet and smiled.

As time went by, I learnt to smile and stay quiet, even for the accidental brushes on my back or the staring at my chest while we discussed code.

Job mattered more. A newbie right?

This morning, I complained. ‘I’ mattered more than anything else.

Note: The workplace sexism is not spoken much off. The workplace assaults are even less recognized so. Why should a job matter more than ‘you’? The Job, a short story is my attempt at talking more about, ‘what is not okay’ and you should always put yourself above than all this.

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The Job #FridayFotoFiction

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