Udaan #FridayFotoFiction

This time I thought I should experiment with what I write. Only time will tell, how I fair in it. πŸ™‚ But of course, all my stories will remain to give out a thought, urging you to ponder on it. πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy, Udaan – a wordarry inspired by this week’s #FridayFotoFiction prompt. Udaan – #FridayFotoFiction *Beep Beep* The alarm went off at 4 am. Renu woke up in a frenzy. Ensuring to not make much noise, so Ammi doesn’t wake up. It was time to go to work and nothing excited her as much as her work did. … Continue reading Udaan #FridayFotoFiction

The Day I Lost You A Little

The Day I Lost You A Little is a Wordarry that is much closer to my heart. For reasons that it’s some taken from my life and much weaved as it went along. The Day I Lost You A Little Whenever I think of pain and hurt, I always remember my abusive first relationship. But that night, as I frantically looked in your eyes for an ounce of trust and belief. It felt like someone punched me in the gut, and my heart sunk to an unknown bottom, pulling me with it. This was a pain and hurt, I had … Continue reading The Day I Lost You A Little

Life in a Moment #Wordarry

The words swirl around in my head, as though trying hard to find an outlet. An outlet to be let out, to be heard. I show them light today, as they wait to flow eagerly. I give you Life In A Moment – a #Wordarry inspired by from my backyard. Life in a Moment #Wordarry I take a step. I feel the ground beneath me. And wonder about the earth below the tiny stones. ‘Do you see me?’ asks the plant peeking in between the creeks of the stone. ‘I smile’, of course I do and I caress it showering … Continue reading Life in a Moment #Wordarry