There are many mails you get everyday, but how many would mean something to you? Inspired by an article I read, bring you ‘Book Quote In Your Mail’ – BQIYM

What is it?

You get a book quote once a week in your email. Book quotes from different genres of books, giving you perspectives and new thoughts to ponder.

Who is it for?

Anyone who loves to read books and/or receive mails. Promise it’s gonna be exciting.

How do I signup for it?

Fill in the following form and you are all set to go. Oh yes! Remember to check your promotions tab in the gmail or just add to your email address book. Enjoy the Book quotes. 🙂 Hope to talk to you on BQIYM

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More about BQIYM

Started on 3rd September 2018, ‘Book Quote in Your Mail’ is a means through which I share my thoughts on books or certain book quotes. The idea is to add more books to your ‘To-Be Read’ list and in turn get more perspectives from you. The more we talk, converse, the more we grow isn’t it?

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