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#BookReview: Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh

Yay or Nay: Yay for sure. A book that speaks to you of the horror, but as any other story. Only that, it’s no fiction! One of classic books to be read. Train to Pakistan!

Review: Intrigued, I picked up this book, from my father’s collection, to know, why was this book so famous. A view point of the India-Pakistan partition horror, did the book say who was responsible?I was in for a surprise for sure.

Narrating a simple story, not one that revolved around the partition, but a story which had partition as part of it. How, the author, simply explains a situation in a village. But the undertone of it show how things changed just like that. How brothers, neighbors became enemies. How innocent lives were lost, relationships were broken. Showing as how the prediction of, ‘it’s not freedom yet until the oppressors exist’, is very true. Not just talking about the British of course.

The various loopholes in the government, the people in power and the bad minds who exist to create havoc. It did not disappoint in anyway and I quite appreciate the author for not taking sides but emphasizing on how each side had to loose too much. This book strings at your heart, making you wonder and feel bad as to why did we need to separate. How can you base someone’s character and right to stay in a place based on their religion! A book I recommend to read for it’s simplicity and the many things it speaks to you, without saying much.

Train to Pakistan- Book Review

My Takeaway: It’s not the religion that separates people and communities, it’s bad minds, bad people who make things worse. It is also the fault of the good hearted people who, don’t dare to stand up. You need to stand up for what you feel is right and how no religion can make or break a relationship.

Book Details:  Publishing year: 1994  | Publisher : United Nation(reprint) | Genre:Historical Fiction

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