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#BookReview: Shikhandi and Other Tales by Devdutt Pattanaik

Yay or Nay: Yay for Shikhandi and Other Tales, if you are into mythological stories. Otherwise too, to open your eyes about the existence of the LGBT right from the ancient time.

Review: I had been wanting to read the author, Devdutt’s work for quite sometime and finally the time came. The author is renowned for his knowledge and expertise in mythology. Considering my curiosity/ interest in mythology and the stories around it, I had to read his books!

It’s not really a novel but a collection of short stories. Stories picked from various epics and books available across cultures. Stories that tell you on the existence of the LGBT community right from the ancient times. Times when they surely were accepted better if not completely. There are intriguing stories on how even Gods were comfortable with their feminine or masculine side.

The argument on how do you would know, whether, these stories are true or just a fictional one. But isn’t it the same case on our belief of Gods? Well that’s not the point, the point is that this books should be read by everyone. Especially the ones, who think queerness is due to the modern society or some other weird reasons.

I have always loved and accepted the LGBT community. They are just like any other and shouldn’t be tagged with a specific name. One thing i didn’t like about in this book, is the reference to them as ‘Queer’, well that might be the word for now, but in no way are they queer. I do like the compilation of stories the author has made. Picking the right ones with good footnotes that he gives after every story.

But i do wish he wrote all of them differently and not more as a thesis. Shikhandi and Other Tales should be read by many more who have some notions and perceptions, blame it all on the culture, epics and what not.

I would tell everyone to buy or borrow this book and read it. You may be surprised on what you discover or come to realise.

My Takeaway: Society is a combination of people, it doesn’t make you normal because you do what the big chunk of the crowd does. What makes a better society is when you accept and respect the other people in the society not just the ones you consider ‘Normal’, then there could be a growing and a healthy society.

Stay Book’d! ?

Shikhandi and Other Tales Book Details: Publishing year:2014 | Publisher:Penguin Book

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