The story of 'how we met and fell in love' |
The story of 'how we met and fell in love'

The story of ‘how we met and fell in love’

Like all love stories, atleast most of them – meet, know eachother and then fall in love or it could be love at first sight. Well in this case, my father played a major role. Surprised? Well am talking about books you know ? Now, now don’t go on rolling your eyes. It is a lovestory for me, but mostly falling in love with reading, with stories and with books. Now here is how we met and the cupid struck. 😉

How it all began…

Appaji, as we all south Indians call our dads was an avid reader and you could sure shot make it out by the way he spoke or of the things he spoke. It was refreshing, intriguing sometimes and a lot other times, a true sense of being proud of having such a learned and intellectual dad. Appaji was not the nerdy academic kinds but more the poetic literary kinds. He was the one who introduced me to in a lot ways to books and most importantly encouraged me to read, a wee bit proud too that I did and a lot more hope I would start reading Kannada literary works too(which I am yet too. But I will appaji someday :).

I still remember the day he got me RK Narayan books and the PG Woodhouse too. He always bought a lot of them and not just one. So I would sit with him and ask him to sign my books. It gave me a different kind of happiness that appaji gave it to me and he marked it for me. I cherish them even today(though I lost a few to friends which I regret a lot).

This love changed me

Books have truly changed me, for good I would say, as I think different with a different perspective and an open mind. I have my opinions and developed principles greatly influenced by books. Why do they influence me this much you ask. Well you cannot experience everything in the short life we have and books are experiences you go through with various characters in such a short span of time that it is as though you have lived many lifetimes and learned and unlearned things from the protagonists and the situations. Like I have said before it’s enlightening!

So here is my relationship with books and the love for them growing every bit as time goes and getting stronger. A relationship I shall sustain no matter what age. Thank you Appaji for this and for being a reason for who I am today! I miss you and will always love you. ?

It’s time you felt the love too. Pick up a book and feel the magic weave in…..

Do comment below and tell me your ‘How we met story’


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