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Make books a part of your child’s life…

It’s the summer again and every parent is trying to figure out how to keep their kid entertained. Summer camps, holidays, libraries and what not have you thought off. Dear parents, I wish you would take books more seriously, not the academic ones of course. You are wondering why i say this?What is the use of reading books?why should i make my kid read, i turned out just fine not reading it? My children are anyways busy with the gadgets, why force them to read? Well am sure there are a lot of other questions that crop up to your mind which i may have missed. Here, let me tell you why you should make books a part of your children’s life.

1. Imagination boundless!

Reading books of various kinds helps them increase their imaginative skills. Imagination also helps children understand better because they picture what they listen, want to say, in turn expressing better on what they feel.



2. Life lessons, a many to learn...

You can’t teach your kids everything or can they learn it all from their life. Books helps them experience more, learn lessons from stories, from protagonists, from stories. They discover themselves in the course of it, of how they are or who they want to be. Books help them understand a lot more of themselves and their surroundings.



3. Read more, learn more and talk more!

Reading books helps them improve their language, learn new words and in turn better their vocabulary. They learn to express faster and interact well. They articulate and build an ability to talk of various topics and also learn about various subjects.



4. Wider horizon, broader mind!

Books help your children widen their scope of learning and broadens their mind in their thought process. They learn about various cultures, different traditions and the world around. Books feed their curiosity and helps them know more about the world around.



5. It’s relaxing..

Reading relaxes their minds and takes them away from the surrounding stress. Makes them happy and never bored(unless you caught hold of something that they don’t like to read about 😉 ).



Every child need to read and it is you who can influence them, encourage them to. Whether they become avid readers or occasional readers is for them to discover, but whether they read is in your hands. Gadgets are good, video games are good to keep them engaged but what do they really get out of it is what matters and as someone said ‘Spending on books is the only thing that makes you richer!’.

Introduce your kids to books. Make it a part of their growing years and of course read along with them, because they do the same for you. Make you richer! You know what i mean 😉

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