IndoIndians Bookclub in Indonesia- An Extension of #BookLove |
IndoIndians Bookclub in Indonesia- An Extension of #BookLove
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IndoIndians Bookclub in Indonesia- An Extension of #BookLove

I can’t ever say it enough, so I’ll say it again, Books mean the world to me and there isn’t a ‘me’ without them. Melodramatic? Well not really, it’s like am passionate about books and everything they bring to my life. My career, principles, beliefs or the human I am is because of them and the loved ones around me. Having said that, never was I a part of any Book club. But today, am proud to be a co-founder of a community of book lovers in Indonesia – The IndoIndians BookClub.


I do believe something very magical happens when you read a good book – JK Rowling

I believe so with all my heart, that books can make magic for you and to you. Only ‘the book’ that does, differs for all. Books are those alter egos and lives, you want to live, but still being ‘you’. A waitress plotting to rob a bank, a wizard learning the Patronus charm, Elizabeth gliding on the dance floor with Mr.Darcy or Krishna up to all the mischief to make his beloved friend win the Mahabharatha war. You could live all those lives and yet come back to being at your home, have a meal with your husband and slip back again to an alter life.

Imagine, the many who haven’t experienced this or of the lot who have and want to talk about it all. This thought was the seed that germinated into the IndoIndians BookClub. Away in another country, the bookclub was a forum to meet minds alike, be inspired by thoughts of the fellow readers and be introduced to a new world to live i,.e new books. 🙂

IndoIndians BookClub

I guess this and the many posts I will write will have Poonam mentioned again and again. For she gave me an opportunity and a platform to build on my love for books. Not to forget to throw in some challenges as she does now and then, like the Blogging Workshop I did. 😉 IndoIndians BookClub is the product, that was born off both Poonam and my thoughts on a need to connect with like-minded people. Also to fall back on the ideology of IndoIndians, to build a bridge of stronger bonds between India & Indonesia.

The Bookclub in Jakarta, but open to all readers across Indonesia, may it be Indians, Indonesians, Americans or anyone. It is a forum to connect with people, discuss the books that bothered you(both good and bad way) and get more books to read.

If you are someone, who is looking for a BookClub in Indonesia, do join us on Facebook.  

The Validation – IndoIndians BookClub First MeetUp

The IndoIndians BookClub had it’s first ever meetup on 11th Nov’17 and had 10 people. The wonderful people who came in, only validated this idea and inspired to do much more. It was as if the room radiated with the energies and the thought-provoking discussions on books, genres. The most heartwarming part of the Saturday morning was the beautiful people, intriguing and widening each-others minds. Each one of them liked different genres, but by no means, it came in the way to gel and bond with each other. Instead, it introduced someone to a different genre, inspired someone to pick a book they would never buy otherwise and most importantly, it urged everyone to keep reading.

Personally, I was charged to read more. Set a target and read all those books. We usually are soo busy with work and everyday life, we let the reading books part slip a bit. But being part of a group, gave me a purpose and a want to read more. With the warm smiles and the wonderful conversations, we parted to meet again. Now isn’t this what the community was to be, where you connect with like-minded people and look forward to keep meeting them?

IndoIndians BookClub stands validated. 🙂

Check out the pictures of the event here

IndoIndians Bookclub in Indonesia- An Extension of #BookLove

Photo Credits: IndoIndians BookClub |

Books that were brought along, to be lent and exchanged was the cherry on the cake. There is something much more magical that happens when people with like minds meet up and that’s what we experienced on the first meetup of the IndoIndians Book club.

The Story Ahead

IndoIndian Book club will continue, to be the community that brings readers together and inspire more people to read. The love for reading can be contagious, all it takes is a good book.

The wonderful members of the Bookclub, Poonam and me, intend to grow IndoIndians Book club, as a community that will inspire, intrigue and also in many ways bring people of various ethnicities in Indonesia to come together. Books can be the bonding bridge between us all. You just have to want to be swept away and the magic will unveil itself.

Be the protagonist to drive to a Happy Never Ending story for the IndoIndians BookClub.

Join in if you live in Indonesia. 🙂

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