The Great Gatsby - a man destined for tragedy! |
The Great Gatsby - a rendezvous with a man destined for tragedy!
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The Great Gatsby – a man destined for tragedy!

Jay Gatsby, a man envied by many for the life he lived but someone who very few knew or understood. Was he a sophisticated upper class businessman living uptown, in a mansion that delighted everyone. Say a mysterious man, who nobody knew what he did or where he got all the money from. No! He was a lover with a longing in his heart. The moment he would finally meet the love of his life, again. The Great Gatsby.

Love – always limitless

Love never has rules or boundaries and maybe no one can really validate what they do to earn, own and cling to it. Many a love stories have happy endings, but the one’s that strung hearts and become sort of legendary are always tragic. Romeo- Juliet, Paris – Helena, Elizabeth – Darcy, Salim – Anarkali, these love stories are legendary. I think because they were tragic and how there never was happily ever after.

But the love of Gatsby is truly in many ways one sided. He had the courage to love her for years. Nver going to her even though knowing where she was, but waiting for her about a decade to come to him. Just there waiting. Not saying Daisy never loved him back, but saying she never had the will or courage to be ‘just his’. The need for a lifestyle was far more important. Societal status and comfort ranked higher than love for her.

The Book, the movie

The Great Gatsby was one of the few experiences, that came as a movie to me and then became a determination to read the book. This happens rarely, when you watch a movie and want to read the book. Hoping that reading it, would somehow satiate all your questions, your incomplete thoughts. But the book leaves you with a deep deep unexplained mixture of emotions you feel for Gatsby. Maybe that’s how Nick Carraway felt being a witness to it all.

As you read through the story, you find yourself dressed in a sparkly gown, with short wavy hair set across your forehead. Your eyes sparkling, just as the glass of champagne in your hand waiting to be devoured. Elaborate gestures and small talk, you witness the story of The Great Gatsby.

The times your heart goes out to Jay, as he desperately does everything to be loved back. As he throws lavish parties, only so, someday Daisy turns up. The people attending his party, enjoy the free food and drink and yet show not a dime of respect for Gatsby. When he gets convicted for a crime he did not do. As Daisy betrays the promises to love him back but silently slides back into her life of comfort and no confrontation. Ultimately, when he looses his life for the thing he never did.

Rarely does a movie do justice to the book, But The Great Gatsby directed by Baz Luhrmann and embodied by Leonardo Di Caprio is what makes the story so real. It’s impossible not to see Di Caprio’s face as you read the Gatsby who had it all and yet died not getting that one thing he really wanted! Love.

The Great Gatsby - a rendezvous with a man destined for tragedy!

Musings at the end of it

Love is blind. No love is an anesthetic maybe, which numbs the logic part of your brain. To describe it better, it masks the actual intent of your desperation. The need to feel when with the other person, happy, safe, a hero, respected and mostly the sense of belonging.

Jay Gatsby’s dream of having Daisy by his side, as they lived their rich extravagant life. His need to be the reason for her happiness. Does it crop from the way he felt back then when they had met? She once loved him when he was a nobody. So he wanted her now when he was a somebody. But it seems as though, he never truly understood the girl he loved, but only knew what she made him feel.

Was it his fault, he wished to be loved or was it hers that she didn’t want to risk everything she had for him because she lacked the heart or the courage. Or was it Nick Carraway’s fault to be a silent bystander of it all and never said a word to anyone?

Jay Gatsby, a lover who was destined to tragedy in love but to gain a true friend at the end of it all.

The author F. Scott Fitzgerald leaves you spellbound.

Read it . Share your thoughts.

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