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Eat Pray Love - A book that takes you on a journey
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Eat Pray Love – A book that takes you on a journey

Thank god to having quit my job and the time I have, as I wait to get married. ? I have been able to catch up on my reading. I must say thanks to my sister Bindu and her collection of books too. Though I have not been doing all that justice to reading (blame my laziness and sleep), I am happy to be reading some really good books. Eat Pray Love, which was a overrated film for me till date, has transformed itself to be a book I would come to love.

(Note: This is not a review of the book, as I haven’t finished it yet and I do not review non Indian author books in this blog. ? )

Eat Pray Love, is one of those books that you may or may not like depending on the state of mind you are in. Having said that, I don’t think it’s a rule as such to be this way. But I know people who could not move past 20 pages of the book and some who could not keep in down. I am more ‘in between’ in here, where I am savoring the book a couple of chapters a day but not glued to finish it. As I read, I live there with Elizabeth in her days, feeling her emotions. Sometimes it feels like, I don’t want to finish this book anytime soon. It’s like that candy you really like and don’t want it to get over. So you somehow try to save it for a while longer llzhtpy.

Being a foodie, the Eat part of the book,based in Italy has been my favorite. Feels like, I may end up loving the rest of the book too, as the next 2 parts are based in India(my motherland) and Indonesia(soon to be my new home). What really is a highlight of the book, is the author’s narration. Being an autobiography, she has neither made it self assessing nor all serious enlightenment journey. But more a story, she would reminisce about or narrate to her friends. Something that was unexpected and a good surprise for me. Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert! ?

What is the meaning of this post you ask? Well it’s just to share that am enjoying this one book and to share this feeling with you. As I believe, it’s more important to talk about the book you liked than the one you didn’t. (As in marketing we say, any publicity – good or bad is always worth it. You may unknowingly instigate someone to pick a bad book because you spoke soo passionately about how bad it was. Instead why not invest the same in a good book. After all, it’s not a lot of money you can make off a book as an author :)).

Eat Pray Love, is more a journey as I say in the title of this post. A journey you take with the author and also with yourself. As a traveler to the world and inwards. It could mean different things to different people too, then again as I said based on the state of mind. For me, I think it will stand for the joy of travel, the joy of eating and the plain joy of just enjoying a place for what it is. Not being a tourist but for that brief period, a resident of the place, a friend of the local people and also a ton of learning that you take back.

PS: One of the parts in the movie I liked. ? Somehow explains the above paragraph ?

I would leave this here for now, until I come back after I complete the book. Any day I would recommend people to read the book instead of watching the movie. For some reason and mind you for the first time, I felt Julia Roberts didn’t embody the character. She didn’t do justice to the author. Eat Pray Love or like me Eat and love. ?

Stay book’d!

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