Books That Linger - A Bookworm's Ode to Books |
Books That Linger - A Bookworm's Ode to Books
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Books That Linger – A Bookworm’s Ode to Books

I recently missed writing for the #ChatterPrompts on ‘A Book I Loved’, one that really looked forward to writing but missed the deadline on. 🙁 But I write this as an extension of it, urged on by fellow bloggers, Piyusha & Rashi <3. Not choosing a particular book but many that I love. The Books That Linger, here is an ode to books from a bookworm. Hope you drift along with this as I did writing it. 🙂

Books That Linger

‘Do you ever plan to read a particular book?’ asked a friend.

I mused, ‘Oh! What’s the fun in that?’

Every book I read is unplanned for, more like chance meetings with random strangers.

The Universe conspires for us to meet, in a bookshop, at the footpath or on friends timeline.

It’s not always a love at first sight, but like random meets, where we often wonder why we are not together yet?

As Neil Gaiman said in ‘The Fault in Our Stars, it’s like falling asleep, slowly and then all at once.

Oh how they move in with me, lingering every time of the day, urging me to spend more time with.

I smile, I shiver, I sob, I rejoice, I burn. Oh soo many emotions you make me feel.

Mayada, Mayada.. I call out, as though she would find the strength to face it all knowing am here.

I stretch out my arms, to touch Rumi and ask him to recite a poem one last time before we talk about Shams of Tabriz and love.

‘Why didn’t they talk about everything else you were Savitri?’ I question, hoping the Sati Savitri would tell me all about herself and she would say how much heartbroken she is for the Sati tag and everything people did with it.

Every story is like being in a pensieve, I fall into the story and watch it unfold, taking a part of it back to create my own collection of memories.

We talk about Objectivism, as Ayn Rand and me sip into our coffee and try hard to argue better as to why I agree with her.

I hold Urvi’s hand, as she waits for Karna and loves him with all her heart. I shout at Draupadi to speak up, as she goes through humiliation and her palace of illusions.

Our Relationship ends, but you linger on, as though a part of you seems etched in me. I refuse to let go, so do you.

But we live happily ever after, meeting someone new and yet holding on to the old.

The Books That Linger. Now. Later and Forever.

A relationship with a book, the intensity of it, only another fellow bookworm will understand. If you felt each of my words, then helloo, we will be friends I know for sure. 🙂 It’s an addictive kind of drug, that you need to live on. Bpoks That Linger are many, and one reason you want to go back to them.

My love for books can never end with just some words. <3 Am not an obsessive reader but the one that savours in my own time. 🙂

Do you know how we met?(Books & I). Read along

Which are the books that linger in your life? Comment on..


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  • Rashi Mital

    Oh yes, I so so agree with you on every word here. You’re so right in saying that every book leaves a mark on the reader, there is something from every book we read, which falls out from it and stays with us. I loved the way you picked the characters/authors (only if I could remember quotes from the books I read).

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