Books That Changed My Life #MuaRecommends |
Books That Changed My Life #MuaRecommends
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Books That Changed My Life #MuaRecommends

There can never be an introduction or a talk about me, without the mention of books. I love them, I live them. Books for me a treasure chest of thoughts, alternative worlds and strong characters. How much ever you read, you still would have just completed a speck in this Horton’s world of Books. Have read many, but some books changed my life, meaning impacted in the deepest sense of my being itself.

Books – A way to savour the world from the comfort of your cozy nook.

Books That Changed My Life

It’s true and many like me would agree, books have the power to make you feel ‘one’ or shatter you to pieces, only to put it all back together and remake you in a way that you would have never imagined. These books had an impact and influenced many a things I did in my life, the decisions taken and even built-in beliefs. Am sharing the list of books that changed my life, with a hope that they may bring you everything and much more to your lives too.

One magical way to experience the power of your mind- read books and marvel at the worlds that will unfold before you.

Harry Potter by J.K Rowling

Am among the millions, whose life J.K Rowling changed with Harry Potter. The story, the characters and most importantly the words resonates in you for eternity. Harry Potter, the franchisee not just books but movies too, has touched us beyond words can express. I feel a sort of strength, faith in love and relationships, every time I read or watch Harry Potter. This had to be one among the books that changed my life. HP is a part of me that I want to pass on to everyone I can, including my future kids. 😉
Books That Changed My Life #MuaRecommends

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

I bought this book intrigued by the author and the fact that she was the COO of Facebook. Well, I love seeing women in top management and entrepreneurial positions. It’s inspiring as that is where I aim to be in life, at the top. I seldom read non-fiction as I find it preachy, but boy was I glad to have purchased this book. It had me nodding across chapters and helped me identify, it was me who was letting my voice be ignored and not taking a stand. Rather it gave me that confidence to believe it is okay to want recognition as a hike or promotion for the good work done. To this date, I recommend Lean In to many women to grow in their professional life.

Books That Changed My Life #MuaRecommends

The Secret By Rhonda Byrne

‘Me’, a few years back would have never imaged The Secret, to be on a list of Books That Change My Life. Why? Because I judged this book to be a clichéd one with mostly advises and airy talks.  But I was wrong. As the book unfolded, so did the reality of how simple things can be to make your life better and achieve your goals. Stay positive and work for it! Everytime I feel a low point, I think of this book and surround myself with good thoughts and loved ones. Taddaaa! Life already seems good. 🙂

Books That Changed My Life #MuaRecommends

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

‘Being an entrepreneur’ is my life goal and ‘working with passion’, my lifeline. The fountainhead came in at a time I was going through a low point in my career. The new job I had in hand was frustrating, as the office ethics more circled around affairs than any work. This book lifted me off the negative environment and gave me a footing, rather a validation of what I believed in was not wrong. Working with ethics, innovating and with passion was not a bad thing. It inspired me and I can feel it even now as I write this. Ayn Rand is a master of metaphors, I love her writing. 🙂

Books That Changed My Life #MuaRecommends

Kafka on the Shore by Murakami

A book that makes my list of ‘Books That Changed My Life’ complete. I experienced the magic of words through Murakami. How a thought and a feeling could be surreal and yet the reality of it all. I spent days with this book, rereading most of the paragraphs and feeling it. This book was a gift and I am eternally greatfull to my friend Shreya who gifted this to me. I love you girl! Thank you <3

Books That Changed My Life #MuaRecommends

I recommend these books with my heart, mind and soul. You will see what they will bring to you only when you read them. 🙂 Is there a book that changed your life? tell me about them in the comment section.


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