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#BookReview: The Pregnant King by Devdutt Patnaik

Yay or Nay : If you are a mythological fiction buff, definitely yay. The Pregnant King is also recommended to readers for a journey through mythological stories. Some stories that are old and some imagined.

Review:  The title, ‘The Pregnant King’, in itself very intriguing. Not because it is not possible for men to get pregnant but also for the reason that such a story, comes under mythological fiction. There are many truths, that are not openly spoken off in our culture. Transgender, gay, of many a gender biased traditions to name a few. Being a shhed topic and considered unnatural for no good reason, it was intriguing to know the author had chosen to write about it. True or not, but it sure gives you food for thought.

The book narrates the story of Yuvanashva and his mother Shilavati. The story of a man who was actually a mother and of a woman, who really was a king. It brings light to the said rules & regulations, a society has on specific roles, responsibilities. How a particular gender should be and behave to how each caste should play their role not asking for more at any specific time.

How the struggle of the heart and the disappointment to only please the society. This struggle doesn’t just affect the commoners but also the rich and powerful. As the heart has it’s own ways and is not corrupted by it’s gender, status or culture. Why is it not allowed for a woman to be a king? Why is it that a man cannot be a mother? Does this book give you answers? No not really, but it gives you perspectives and paths, what you choose is what you become.

This book was un-put-downable (yes inventing a new phrase) for me after Shikhandi, authored by DevDutt Patnaik. Maybe because it didn’t just give me stories but stimulated my mind to think.

My Takeaway: Labels. Labels. Labels. What good are they for? In our constant need to be accepted by the society, why we fail to embrace ourselves and the one’s we love. How does it matter if it’s according to the rules of the society or not, as long as the heart is happy and the soul is content. Don’t prejudice on what someone is supposed to do, but lend a ear to know what one wants. The Pregnant King is for you to question the norms of your thoughts and that of the society.

Book Details:  Publishing year: 2008  | Publisher : Penguin | Genre:Mythological Fiction

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