#eBookReview: The Boy by Nrupal Das |
#eBookReview: The Boy by Nrupal Das
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#eBookReview: The Boy by Nrupal Das

After a long break of about 2 months, in which I continued to read but had no time to write. πŸ™‚ Breaking that and coming back more determined to read more books, review and talk a lot about them. Wish me luck. πŸ™‚ www.opinionatedmua.com is dedicated to reviewing only Indian books. The idea was to bring to light many authors who write and go unrecognized along with talking about renowned Indian authors. So when Nrupal got in touch with me to review his book, I had to say yes. So here goes the review for The Boy by Nrupal Das.

Yay or Nay

Yay for the writing and Nay for the story. It somehow did not connect on any level with me. But I quite appreciate the language and narration, which are much better than many a other books I have read.

Review of ‘The Boy by Nrupal Das’

What the children think and feel, is a mystery even to their parents. Children hardly express, because they don’t know how to, except for crying when they need something. Children are also observers who have a very keen eye to what parents say and do. This story is about one such boy, who is dealing with his inner feelings and finding a way to fight it. But the book did not come through for me at all. There were many loose ends that left me wondering and failed to showcase the depth of relationships. May it be the relationship with the mother and son, with the neighbors or of the husband and wife.

If the author has weaved it stronger and gave importance only to a few characters, it would have worked better. Having said that, I strongly believe, there is much scope for this author to grow. A better structuring of the story is what is required. I hope Nrupal Das continues to write books as he’s already there half way and in time, there could be fabulous stories and bestsellers by him.

My Takeaway

The Boy by Nrupal Das, in many ways made me ponder more on the thought that lingered for days now.

Watch what you do andΒ  say in front of your kids. More importantly, be more open and talk to them. Encourage them to speak more, so it helps you understand better. There may be certain things they misread due to behaviors and fights in the family. Something that you can clarify only if you know and the only way to know is to talk more with them. This, I see as a real world problem that is only becoming bigger. Talk more to your kids and spend time. A large chunk of ‘Who they become later’ and their relationship with you depends on it.

Book Details: Publishing year:2018 | Publisher: Self Published-Amazon | Genre: Short Stories

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#eBookReview: The Boy by Nrupal Das

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