#BookReview: How I Became a Farmers Wife by Yashodhara Lal |
#BookReview: How I Became a Farmers Wife by Yashodhara Lal
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#BookReview: How I Became a Farmers Wife by Yashodhara Lal

The joy of holding the book and reading it can never be the same as reading an ebook. Eva! Soo, reading How I Became a Farmer’s Wife by Yashodhara Lal was fabulous. Reading it was soo much fun.

Also I know my reviews are very breezy and not in depth, but my intention is not to dissect a book or the author’s writing. Instead, it is to tell you whether to read it or not and what I thought about it. 🙂 Lets get on with the review now.

Yay or Nay

Definitely yay. For the authors writing. It’s almost like you are watching the protagonists go about their lives and all the situations, with a popcorn and a cola in hand. Feeling sad when something bad happens and rejoicing everytime something great happens. Am definitely picking up more books written by Yashodhara Lal. 🙂

Review of How I Became a Farmer’s Wife by Yashodhara Lal

What is it that you have wanted to do all your life? Did you end up waiting for the right time to do it? I wonder if I am too, waiting…

How I Became a Farmer’s Wife by Yashodhara Lal is a story about the author’s husband who ventures out to become a farmer – a dream that lingered for a really long time. The story is about all the ordeals they face and the endeavors they celebrate. But on a undertone, you also see a couple who is supporting an helping eachother chase their dream. This is a book based on the true story.

The protagonists are adorable and the author narrates it in the most breezy manner, where you relate to it and feel everything they are going through. It’s the quirk in the situations the author sees and writes about differently than narrating it as an everyday situation, that makes the book thoroughly enjoyable.

This book is a peek into a phase of the author and her family’s life. I had me worrying about the husband wanting to do farming, to wanting Peanut to be more expressive to her mom, to laughing at Pickle and Papad’s one liners to cheering the delivery of the golden cap bottles of MilkWonder.

Dear Yashodhara, if you are reading this. I loved your book and your writing. But mostly I love the dynamics of your husband and you, who are always being critics but also cheering eachother on to do everything you want. 🙂

My Takeaway

Life can be a serious and irritating or the same can amuse and empower you to achieve soo much more. There is muse in everyday, you just have to pick up the hints. Most importantly, in a marriage, its always important to be there for eachother and as a family to be with eachother spending time. Don’t be a perfect family on social media but be an annoying imperfect one in reality. You’ll be happy. 🙂

Book Details: Publishing year:2018 | Publisher: Harper Collins India| Genre: Contemporary Fiction

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