#eBookReview: The Big Switch by John Thomas |
#eBookReview: The Big Switch by John Thomas
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#eBookReview: The Big Switch by John Thomas

The journey of the #YearOfBooks for 2018 is so far much better than I had expected. Am hoping the momentum remains and I will be able to hit the no.65 on my Goodreads Reading Challenge 2018. The Big Switch is my 6th read for the year. This is one among the 4 e-books I read in January. It still amazes me, how I have taken to Kindle. 😉 Anyways, read along for the review of The Big Switch by John Thomas.

Yay or Nay

Neither a yay nor a nay. There are certain parts of the book I really enjoyed and certain parts that, felt like a drag. But the author sure deserves a pat on the back for his debut novel. I also appreciate his choice of genre. When many authors are choosing to write what is trending, John Thomas brings in a simple story that is inspiring and relatable.

Review of The Big Switch

The Big Switch is the story of an underdog, a person that can be you, me and everyone else. Keith, the protagonist is a software engineer who is good at what he does, but is not passionate about it. This book is the journey of his discovery of passion and himself. The beginning couple of chapters had me smiling, as I reminisced about my life as a Software Engineer(1 year, before I switched to being a Marketer 😉 ). I related to everything Keith went through, including the frustrations of being in an MNC and having bad managers. I was completely hooked and refused to stop reading.

But(sadly, there is a but..), the story, even the protagonist stopped connecting to me as the story moved ahead. I strongly believe, it is this specific connection with a reader that the author needs to sustain to turn the reader into a fan. This fan will in turn ensure many more read the book. But I sure did not feel that way for this book. The protagonists seemed indecisive, which is true and right but, he turned out to be good at everything he tried his hand at, which felt unreal tad over. Call me a pessimist in that sense, but come on, how can that guy possibly be good at everything?

Also his passion for the sport was not visible, the narration was rather more focused on getting certain scenes done with than portraying his passion for it. I guess this is why I felt disconnected eventually. Keith is saying he’s passionate but is sure not visible at all. I wish the author had concentrated more on getting the passion to be more visible like he did with the character Ramesh or even Kyra.

The highlight on friendships and relationships, on how it could influence one’s life through ups and downs is portrayed really well in this book. The author reinforces the fact that, only you can make your life better, with positive people and positive thoughts. Having said that, it’s a one time read.

My Takeaway

Like the author says as a sub-line in the title, it is never too late to follow your passion and dreams. But there was one strong takeaway for me from The Big Switch, ultimately it’s on you how much hard you work. Yes, it maybe even easy to determine your passion and dreams, but what matters is, ‘Will you achieve it?’ Your actual work starts once you know your passion. As they say, it’s easier to dream than to make it a reality.

How far will you go to achieve your dreams? Because the journey is also the stepping stone to reach that dream. There can never be a substitute to hardwork. Another important takeaway for me from The Big Switch by John Thomas is, when one door closes, there may always be a tiny window of hope. Look for it and jump through it.

Book Details: Publishing year:2017 | Publisher: Self Published-Amazon | Genre: Self-Help/Indian Writing/Mind, Body & Spirit

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#eBookReview: The Big Switch by John Thomas

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