#BookReveiw: Karna's wife by Kavita Kane |
BookReview : Karna's Wife by Kavita Kane
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#BookReveiw: Karna’s wife by Kavita Kane

A book someone recommended to me and a book I continue to recommend to many. A review on Karna’s wife by Kavita Kane.

Yay or Nay: Definitely yay. It’s one of those books which gives you a different perspective to the epic, ‘Mahabharata’. A story heard many a times but now in a different light.

Review: My interest in Mahabharata was reignited by Chitra Baneerjee’s book ‘The Palace of Illusion’. This book gives an entire new perspective, not just on the story but on characters. Kavita Kane’s book in a way does the same. The book’s central character ‘Urvi’ is the second wife of Karna. A protagonist who we haven’t heard or speak off, every time Mahabharata is narrated, in whatever form- serial, movie or series etc. Makes you wonder,Why? This well written and narrated novel, helps you understand Urvi, her relationship with Karna and the various situations, feelings. It also gives you perspectives on different unspoken characters in Mahabharata.

Karna is one such unspoken protagonists who, I have always adored. An unsung hero who gives everything only to get nothing in return. Karna’s Wife, also throws light on strong personalities of Draupadi, Urvi, Kunti and how in one or the other way they influenced the Kurukshetra war. You also see the weakness of men may it be of Karna, Arjuna, Duryodhana and Bhishma. How their poor choices brought consequences for all.

Draupadi is always blamed for the war, when Kunti is the real culprit behind it all. She should have accepted Karna. Isn’t it? So how a story is told matters a lot, considering you would believe it the way a story teller weaves it for you. A little manipulative isn’t it? All in all, I would recommend people to read it for the essence of women characters the author has brought forward, especially that of Urvi and her need to follow her principles.

Takeaway: Don’t judge or underestimate someone because you don’t know much about them or their thoughts. Everyone is unique in their own way including their flaws. Stand by what you believe and know that you’ll know what’s right from wrong. Lastly, there will always ways to do things- a good and a bad way. What you choose to do and the validation to it is left to you.

Book Details: Publishing year:2013 |  Publisher: Rupa Publications India

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