#BookQuotes : 6 Quotes from Kafka on the shore, I love |
6 quotes from Kafka on the Shore I love
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#BookQuotes : 6 Quotes from Kafka on the shore, I love

A friend gave me the book, ‘Kafka on the Shore’, as a farewell gift when I was moving out of a previous office. I took a while to get to reading it. Initially I regretted for taking soo long to start reading it. But then again, in the ‘Murakami effect’, felt like it was maybe meant to be read at this point in life. (Quite deep right, yes I agree. ? ).

More than the story and characters, it was the metaphors and lines that made a mark. A book I would re-read in times for the words. I now know what it feels like being ‘High on a Murakami’. Here are 6 quotes I loved in ‘Kafka on the Shore’,

  1. The line made me smile and I knew, this book will be loved and cherished for ages to come

Kafka on the Shore - Book Quotes


2 . Lines I re-read again and again, as I understood how I felt everytime I read a book.

Kafka on the Shore - Book Quotes


3. Nobody has ever said something like this, that made sense more than anything ever.

Kafka on the Shore - Book Quotes


4. Something that our elders always told us and many a scholars continue to say. It’s all in you after all!

Kafka on the Shore - Book Quotes


5. Why do they call your partner, ‘the better half’? Not saying they are better but saying they are your other half. A half that you find, fit into and feel everything together- happiness, love, pain, sadness…everything…

Kafka on the Shore - Book Quotes


6. Contradictions. Aren’t we all made of it?

Kafka on the Shore - Book Quotes

I shall not deny, how hard it is to pick only 6 quotes. I am sure in time, as I read this book again, it will mean differently and speak differently to me. ‘Kafka on the shore’ has given me a book hangover, which only a few books till date have managed too. Murakami is a name, that will always influence me to buy more books with that name on. I recommend this book to be read, but I cannot promise you that you WILL like it. ?

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P.S: Thank you Shreya <3

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