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There too much to know about mua.  🙂 Opinionatedmua is just that. Too much of blah blah! 😉

I love talking and that’s what led to this website. I am a ‘voice, a different perspective and something’ that will make you think, even if for a second. A change after all starts within you, then around you before it spreads out to the world. 🙂 What will you find here?

What will you find here?

Opinions – 

  • Mua Says: A medium you will hear about everything I like and love- movies, series, people, thoughts and other blah blah.
  • Products: Here is where Opinionatedmua will give recommendations on various products under the sun.


I love love love books. So you shall see write ups about books, book quotes I like or just something we learnt from it.

  • Book Quotes: This is a no-brainer. Opinionatedmua loved book quotes!
  • Reviews: Strictly only for books written by Indian authors. Why? Because I want to be one of the voices that talks about Indian authors and books. There are many a gems in Indian literature world but are lost in the ‘Bestsellers’ race. I wish to bring them ahead too.
  • Musings: This has thoughts about the various other non-Indian author books I read. Mostly on the things I take away from them or they inspire me to write on.

Inspirasi – 

  • Interviews: Not just celebrities or famous people who are inspiring, but even everyday people. I love interviewing people, there is always so much to learn and be inspired from them. So this section is an ode to my love for people. Authors, achievers, people following passion or taking offbeat paths or someone who has a story to say. You would find our little chit-chats in this section.
  • Wordarry: Every picture has something to say, a story or even a thought. Wordarry is all about words being born off inspiration, from pictures, art or sketches.

I would love to hear from you, anything you got to say. Write to me on opinionatedmua@gmail.com


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