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There too much to know about mua.  🙂 Opinionatedmua is just that. Too much of blah blah! 😉

I love talking and that’s what led to this website. I am a ‘voice, a different perspective and something’ that will make you think, even if for a second. A change after all starts within you, then around you before it spreads out to the world. 🙂 What will you find here?

What will you find here?

Opinions – 

  • Mua Says: A medium you will hear about everything I like and love- movies, series, people, thoughts and other blah blah.
  • Products: Here is where Opinionatedmua will give recommendations on various products under the sun.


I love love love books. So you shall see write ups about books, book quotes I like or just something we learnt from it.

  • Book Reviews: Strictly only for books written by Indian authors. Why? Because I want to be one of the voices that talks about Indian authors and books. There are many a gems in Indian literature world but are lost in the ‘Bestsellers’ race. I wish to bring them ahead too.
  • Musings: This has thoughts about the various other non-Indian author books I read. Mostly on the things I take away from them or they inspire me to write on.
  • Book Quotes: This is a no-brainer. Opinionatedmua loved book quotes!

I would love to hear from you, anything you got to say. Write to me on opinionatedmua@gmail.com


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