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There too much to know about mua. But let’s talk as a we. 🙂

We love talking and that’s what led to this website. I am a ‘voice, a different perspective and something’ that will make you think, even if for a second. A change after all starts within you, then around you before it spreads out to the world. 🙂 What will you find here?

What will you find here?

Opinions – About different things, situations, people, fashion et.al,. Anything and everything under the sun.

Book – We love love love books. So you shall see write ups about books, book quotes we like or just something we learnt from it. You will also see reviews, but they are strictly only for books written by Indian authors. Why? Because we want to be one of the voices that talks about Indian authors and books. There are many a gems in Indian literature world but are lost in the ‘Bestsellers’ race. I wish to bring them ahead too.

Thoughts – These are mere musings and wonderings that come into the mind as it wanders, some you wish to write about. This is what we write on.

Travel – As many a travel buffs, we love travel too. But what we love more is the history the place carries. It’s not just about travelling to famous destinations, but the travel itself that brings happiness to us.

Stories – It is a way we talk and communicate at times. Stories can teach you many a things that mere advice may not be able too. Stories live in you as a reminder, a smile or as a feeling.

Hope you enjoy reading on Opinionatedmua and don’t forget to subscribe. Have something to tell us? Write to us on opinionatedmua@gmail.com.



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